Organizations across many verticals are using ANX services to gain a competitive edge. The most popularprogrammes are loyalty points, payment solutions, social networking and financial trading systems.

ANX is the only company globally that provides a full front-to-back suite of blockchain solutions and complete managed services for the delivery of those programmes, including technical development, infrastructure hosting, maintenance and security, customer support, payment processing, distribution,regulatory compliance and more.

Business Needs

ANX is your leading solutions partner providing White Label Solutions in digital assets to cater to your business needs:

Digital Assets Development

Develop and customize your own secure and highly visible coin

Build Exchange Platform

White label web and mobile trading platforms for primary and secondary markets

Secure Wallet

Online and mobile secure digital assets wallet services

Debit Card

Payment processing and debit card integrations

ANX’s Service

ANX corporate customers can benefit from the modular design of our managed solutions by leveraging a customized offering aligned with their business requirements, which has providedcustomers an immediate maket launch relying on a proventechnology stack. Furthermore, customers can leverage the experienced team at ANX negating any requirement for hiring and training staff.


White Label Digital Assets Exchange Setup

ANX has provably developed and maintained a group of successful digital assets exchanges. ANX remains the only solutions provider that can deliver turn-key yet customized platforms that not only surpass requirements, but are managed by an experienced and longstanding team.

Coin Development and Setup Up

Benefiting from both open and closed sourced technologies ANX can engineer a custom coin and empower it to reach the global market.

API for Custom Digital Assets

ANX offers technology development services to achieve flexible API's that complement your custom coin andintegration with external applications.

Mobile APP & Wallet Services

ANX developed the “ANX Vault”, a reliable and secure mobile application with trading and wallet functionality for iOS and Android platforms, providing an all-in-one mobile wallet to manage digital assets. The app can be customized for White Label Solutions.

Debit Cards White Label Portal Setup

ANX Debit Cards provide a gateway between digital assets and traditional payment processing. ANX offers Corporate Card programmes that include co-brand cards with customized logos and colors, and arecomplemented with a customized, online, dedicated card portal.

Why ANX?

ANX offers a fully managed service, a complete business solution with incomparable advantages:

Fit for purpose

ANX has MLM optimized processes for on-boarding, marketing, payment processing, compliance certainty and more. Furthermore, our product offering including Debit Card integration and other flexible payout solutions ensures competitive a business advantage.

Full technology stack

ANX has been running a successful platform with secure and high performance technology for several years of production maturity.

Security assurance

ANX has not endured a security breach since inception, and whilst an open bug bounty program has been in operation with the worlds leading security assessment firm, no major security flaws have been identified.

Time to market

Implementation consumes only 30 to 90 days, expediting your production go live date and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Customer support and operations

ANX’s Chinese and English speaking staff act on behalf of the white label partner, maximizing brand loyalty. Compliance staff perform all Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures, ensuring regulatory compliance and business longevity.

Strong management team

Industry leading management team withcomprehensive experience in the digital assets space, blue chip finance and telco sectors.

Seasoned development andoperations team

Dynamic team with Investment banking and financial professionals for developing andsupporting multiple white label instances.

Why ANX?

ANX offers a fully managed service, a complete business solution with incomparable advantages:

1. Your Idea

Tell us your idea, aims and objectives.

2. Our Proposal

The ANX team willdetermine the project scope, scope of work and budget details.

3. Signoff

Contract signing, project is ready-to-go.

4. Implementation

Implementation takes between 30 to 90 days. Express Options are also available.