ANX Debit Cards

ANX Debit Cards provide an integrated and reliable gateway between digital assets and traditional payment methods. ANX empowers digital assets to be accepted worldwide with China UnionPay, Mastercard and Visa networks. Our reloadable debit cards can be used to make purchases in any retail or point-of-sale device, or to withdraw cash from ATMs that support the global networks.

ANX Debit Cards are widely used for corporate reward programmes. ANX also offers corporate card programmes that include custom-designed co-branded cards with corporate logos in addition to a customised and dedicated card portal. It is best suited for everyday use.

Easy to Obtain

Accepted Worldwide

Safer than Carrying Cash

24/7 CS Support

Did you know?

ANX offers tailor-made Debit Card solutions for businesses such as corporate co-brand cards with different card features. White Label Solutions are also available to cater to business.

With ANX Debit Cards, ANX exchange platforms and advanced technology can help businesses implement a global payment strategy along with attractive reward programmes, sales incentive programmes, customer loyalty solutions and many more!

ANX Debit Cards Business Use Cases

Case A - Travel Business

Customers within the hospitality segment are frequent travelers of whom do not necessarily want to carry cash abroad.

They endure difficulties in managing their finances as they cannot benefit from utilizing bank accounts as they do domestically. Daily money transfer fees and foreign exchange costs are often exorbitant.

Supported by 35+ million merchants across 210+ countries, ANX Debit Cards enable cardholders to make online payments, POS purchases, and cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.

ANX Debit Cards are reloadable with high loading limits. It is the leading solution for financial mobility.

Case B - Payment Solutions

A business employs 1,000 mobile workers located in different countries. Each of their employees maintain different bank accounts.

Furthermore, they may be required to relocate to various workplaces abroad on a frequent basis.

To pay salaries and expenses, procedures are complex and bank charges are high.

ANX Debit Cards leverage a global payment network.

Adding funds to cards allows workers to spend and obtain cash via POS devices and traditional ATMs worldwide. It is instant and convenient.