Sounds technical?
Leave your ideas to experienced hands at ANX.

At ANX, we provide a full front-to-back suite of blockchain solutions that are unique to the market and assist our clients cut through the complications of technology, allowing them to focus on their business and their customers.

1. Reliable, Secure and Fully Functional Web-Based Wallet and Trading Platform

The ANX trading platform is modeled on the same LMAX pattern which is leveraged by the world's largest Investment Banks. Our engine is capable of handling up to 1.2 million transactions per second.

2. Customised Digital Assets

ANX creates customised digital assets which can be used to represent a coin, loyalty point, token, land title, loan, record or bond.

3. Customised Blockchains

ANX has the expertise to customise blockchain solutions to meet business requirements: private permissioned blockchain, coloured coins, and Bitcoin.

4. Blockchain Explorer

ANX has a customised blockchain explorer for any new digital assets created, which is unique in the market. The blockchain explorer allows the users to view and trace information about blocks, addresses and transactions on the blockchain.

5. Digital Assets Visibility and Liquidity

ANX offers the ability to store any digital assets to our secure web-based wallets. The digital assets can be integrated to our ANX trading platforms or any of our global partner platforms to maximise brand visibility.

6. Multi-Signature Issuance

Security is always our top priority. ANX carries industry leading security architecture and encryption algorithms like multi-signature issuance for our blockchain clients.

7. Cold Storage

To provide the most secure form of storage for your digital assets, ANX offers the option of storing your private keys on an offline infrastructure, along with active manual (operator) management to support automated payments.

8. API

Our API system supports algorithmic and automated trading capability for traders. Merchants can send and receive payments in digital units.

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