ANX Recruitment
Recruits the best talents in FinTech space for your business

ANX Recruitment is the leading workforce solution provider for the blockchain sector. The team delivers excellence in service for the FinTech community regionally and globally through a combination of:

  • Established industry position, knowledge, and experiences
  • Global perspective yet localized understanding
  • Market insights and expertise
  • Innovative mindset and strategic resource planning

ANX Recruitment understands your hiring and strategic resourcing needs. The team provides one-stop seamless services to meet your requirements.

Professional Recruitment Services
    Permanent Staffing

    Cater to the needs for middle to junior-level management.

    Executive Search

    Work on a retainer model to fill senior positions such as top management and C-level executives.

    Turnkey Recruitment Assignments

    Deliver customized recruitment process to handle large volume projects - often best suited for start-ups and bespoke projects.

    Contract Staffing

    Based on specific hiring criteria and contract duration specified by the client, ANX Recruitment provides administration and payroll services for personnel.

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