ANX Academy
Your reskilling hub to embrace the Future of Work

ANX Academy strives to provide accessible education to enable businesses, governments and local communities to improve or transform through attaining competence in blockchain technology. Openness, inclusion, and collaboration are ingrained in ANX Academy’s values.

The Future of Work is now. Blockchain technology is at the leading edge of the fourth industrial revolution. Organizations and its workforces must be equipped with knowledge on blockchain to face the disruptions brought by technological transformation.

Disintermediation: The gradual reduction of intermediaries between consumers and producers with subsequent solutions being sought in blockchain, Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more.

Disaggregation: The breaking down of large supply chains and properties into small arrangements of services.

Dematerialisation: The process of turning the physical into virtual reality; shifting values proportionally across all levels of the supply chain.

In light of the needs for education owing to the re-categorization or displacement of jobs, ANX Academy helps cultivate a start-up mindset in individuals to embrace and overcome the challenges brought by technological transformation. The team has already partnered with the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions to deliver public courses on blockchain foundation, and is well poised to cater for your educational needs with respect to blockchain technology.

Core Education Focuses
    Introduction to Blockchain Basics

    Demystification of blockchain technology for all in order to provide a scaled understanding for all participants.

    Institutional Awareness & Competence Development

    Education to help businesses and organizations attain competence in blockchain technology, realize benefits and support their employees and partners through blockchain for change.

    Skills Focus

    Real and tangible change skills to equip participants with the necessary tools to navigate changes in the blockchain era and embrace the Future of Work.

    Change Management

    A fundamental focus on people and how they can navigate personal and organizational changes through blockchain.

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