ANX Advisory
Specialists to guide your end-to-end token sale strategy

ANX Advisory is a specialist team dedicated to guiding the business strategy and technology choices for your token sale project. The deep bench of specialists provides you in-depth expertise including finance, marketing, legal, and technology. The team combines best practices and forward-looking industry trends to launch the most advanced token sale projects.

Advisory Services
    Token Sale Strategy Framework

    Advise on token utility and the pre-sale and post-sale positioning to align with industry trends.

    Technology Strategy

    Technical advisory including development of smart contracts and blockchain strategy for your platform.

    Legal Guidance

    Guidance on structuring your token sale, including utility design, transaction documents, and KYC/AML compliance requirements.

    Marketing & Content Strategy

    Advise on marketing and content strategies to reach a highly targeted, niche and global cryptocurrency audience.

Execution Services
    Blockchain & Technology Services

    Provide blockchain and technology services covering smart contracts and a reliable and highly secured platform for token sale and KYC/AML.

    Global Marketing & Communications Services

    Provide marketing and PR services covering digital promotion, social media, community management, bounty campaigns, multi-language content services, events and media distribution.

    Sales & Distribution Services

    Identify partnership networks (e.g. investors, exchanges and OTC order matching) to optimize the distribution strategy of your token sale.